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The United Kingdom

THE UNITED KINGDOM - From the Scottish highlands and lochs (lakes) to the beaches of the South Coast all add up to Britain’s diverse countryside. Historic monuments, churches and castles, royal palaces and some of the world's top museums in the English and Scottish cities of London, Bristol, York, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen and all their theatres, and art galleries, the famous old universities of Oxford and Cambridge add to the diversity of the British Isles. The mix of big-city thrills and the countryside charm will enable you to capture the essence of Britain and taste of British culture.


FRANCE - A traveller in France comes across the lush countryside of Normandy and Brittany, the rolling prairies of Champagne or Beauce, the Alpine peaks, northern forests, the dry hinterland of Provence and the plateau of the Causses with the coasts of North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean. Top quality restaurants even in small towns offering first-class cuisines and wines come after a good deal of cultural opportunities, concerts and music events the year round. Monuments like the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre Museum in Paris attract millions of visitors each year.


GERMANY-SWITZERLAND-AUSTRIA - With the backdrop of soaring alpine peaks these three countries share a language and border with the scope of varied taste of culture, architecture and touring delights from the Swiss mountains and Bavarian forest, rose-colored hilltop castle of Heidelberg - the grounds of the oldest university in Germany, Rhine Falls and through the mysterious Black Forest, the snow peaks of Switzerland, the Alpine countryside and gothic structures of Austria, Mozart House and a walk through the Mirabell Gardens in Salzberg and of course German beer and Austrian wine.


SPAIN-PORTUGAL - This trip shows Spain and Portugal at their best – the Alhambra Palace, hanging houses which are built on the edge of the cliffs over the deep gorge of Cuenca, Mora Pass to the Moorish city of Granada, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world at Seville where famous explorer and discoverer of America Christopher Columbus is entombed, the historic port of Cadiz, the scenic Serra d'Aire Mountains and exploring the vibrant cities like Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon.


ITALY - From the ancient ruins from the time of the Roman empire, the ash-covered ruins of Pompei to the canals of Venice and the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy has much to explore including its beautiful countryside, alpine mountains and sea coasts. World famous cities of art, like Rome, Venice and Florence, Italy is home to the the mouth-watering cuisine of Pizza and Spaghetti, Italy's world-class shops have much to offer in marketing. A walled enclave within the city of Rome, Vatican, seat of the Pope of the Roman Catholic world, is the smallest independent state.


TURKEY-GREECE - Greece and Turkey jointly offer vacation experiences from the ancient ruins of Athens to the relics in Istanbul. The Greek Islands with its quaint fishing villages, the Acropolis, the ruins where the athletes of ancient times competed in the Olympic Games among the crystal-blue waters of the Mediterranean, archeological sites, myths, and ancient civilizations shall take you back into the origins of Western civilization. In Turkey, you may go around Istanbul, the world's only city situated on two continents — Asia and Europe. colourful bazaars and market places, historical sites like Ephesus, where the Virgin Mary spent her last days, Pergamum, Perge, Hierapolis, Troy, Sardis plus many other Turkish cities form the tour programme of Turkey. Greece & Turkey vacations are full of endless excitement.