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Foreign Tours : USA

United States of America

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - No melting pot of cultures can perhaps match the scope and scale of the United States. One may look at the east covering places like Boston, New York and the famous memorials in Washington DC to destinations like Orlando and the Niagara Falls. Miami and Florida beaches offer a great opportunity to bask in the sun. Stretching from San Diego to Seattle, the West Coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco offer much to be seen. One may visit the national parks to enjoy the scenery and the wildlife therein, most famous and oldest being Yellowstone National Park. The Rocky Mountains with their snow peaks extend upto Alaska. The five Great Lakes form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth. The charm of this country lies in adventure and exploration. With the American cuisine and the people, a trip to the United States of America is bound to result in unforgettable memories.