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Our Services

Our Services

CUSTOMIZED CONDUCTED TOURS : The type of holidays and the experience sought for shall enable us to customize and chalk out just the tour for you with all arrangements making your trip memorable.

HOTEL BOOKINGS : We do all kinds of hotel reservations across all hotel segments from star and boutique hotels, luxury resorts to budget hotels including conference facilities. Our information on hotels in India and abroad enables us to give you some of the best deals and your suitable solution.

AIR TICKETING : We check out flight schedules and book your air tickets - both domestic and foreign.

VISA APPLICATIONS : We carry out the formalities for visa application for the concerned countries upto scheduling the appointment for interview, advising on the requisite supporting documents and the instructions for filling with important technical information.

PASSPORT APPLICATIONS : All Indian citizens who travel abroad or intend to travel out of India are required to be in possession of a valid passport. We, help in getting new passports under the general as well as the "Tatkaal" schemes as well as passport renewal or re-issue of passport.

OVERSEAS TRAVEL INSURANCE : The insurance safeguards and covers you against all mishaps during your overseas travel like like falling ill during the trip, loss of important travel documents like passport, tickets etc. by providing fees to reapply for your documents, having a flight delay and so on.